Motor Bracket Row Rig
Our Price: $121.00
Our Price: $427.00
This side mount motor bracket fits most Grumman double-enders.

- Not for the Eagle canoe -
Easy on, easy off rig with oarlock sockets lets you row your Grumman canoe. Fully adjustable.
Sponson Kit Sitbacker Seat Green
Our Price: $355.00
Our Price: $47.00
Four and one-half foot foam sponsons clamp onto gunwales and provide added balance SitBacker is for the canoe enthusiast who can finally afford to buy some back support.
Center Seat Kit
Our Price: $96.00
Tough .080" aluminum seat for solo paddling or carrying an extra passenger. Fits all Grumman Canoes with a 35" to 37" beam. THIS KIT WILL NOT FIT THE GRUMMAN EAGLE CANOE.

Please call to Special Order the Eagle canoe center seat kit

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