Motor Bracket Sitbacker Seat Green
Our Price: $121.00
Our Price: $47.00
This side mount motor bracket fits most Grumman double-enders.

- Not for the Eagle canoe -
SitBacker is for the canoe enthusiast who can finally afford to buy some back support.
Row Rig Sponson Kit
Our Price: $427.00
Our Price: $355.00
Easy on, easy off rig with oarlock sockets lets you row your Grumman canoe. Fully adjustable. Four and one-half foot foam sponsons clamp onto gunwales and provide added balance
Center Seat Kit
Our Price: $96.00
Tough .080" aluminum seat for solo paddling or carrying an extra passenger. Fits all Grumman Canoes with a 35" to 37" beam. THIS KIT WILL NOT FIT THE GRUMMAN EAGLE CANOE.

Please call to Special Order the Eagle canoe center seat kit

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